Monday, September 16, 2013

Je Suis Abandonnée

September 10, 2013

Je suis abandonnée
I cry into the next room
Lying under some sheets
He probably bought at Ikea

French and english scramble through my mind
Neither making sense
Or correctly reaching my tongue
Which is goopy with alcohol

Earlier, it though that
"Why is this happening?"
and "I'm too drunk"
meant no

Just like it thought
that forming flirts
and crawling into his mouth
meant I don't do one night stands anymore

My brain was turning to fluid too
Sloshing around the walls of my skull

Earlier it didn't understand the
equation concerning why clothes come off
until they were gone
along with its strength of will

And after the pain
It forgot how to stay awake
Sliding me into nothingness
Wilst around me unfolded everything

Coming back, it is done

Où sont mes amis?
Ils sont partis
Mais je veux aller chez-moi;
Je suis abandonnée

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