Monday, September 9, 2013

Life to him Brought Music

As part of my creative writing class, my professor gave us the task of "word hoard." What we had to do was pick up a random book, point to a random word at a random page, write down the three words before and after, and write a story in five minutes inspired by the phrase. Then we had to read our stories backwards and pick a backwards phrase to then inspire (and be in) another story or poem. My phrase from a book (which turned out to be "American Psycho," one of only two books I brought to Denmark) was:

"presence became more apparent, and the music"

The backwards phrase I chose from my silly little short story was:

"life to him brought music," or, in it's original forwards form "[the] music brought him to life."

I wrote a poem that I actually quite like:

Harp was his mother's instrument
And his father the violin
Yet young ole' Parker Jr. knew no notes
Cause life to him brought music

There was no need for a guitar
when the strum of feet would do
And who the hell needed a woodwind
to make the air sound nice?

The engines on the street
sputtered some real nice harmony
plus the yaking of the neighbors
served as decent dissonance

Then the quiet of the night
supplied quite the resolution

Parker saw no use for a drumset
when Sally Fisher was around
She made sure his chest
gave him a beat, loud and clear

And so with music in his ears
Parker didn't get
why his parents needed tools
to hear the humming beauty of life.

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